Blogger hits back at followers who ask what's 'wrong' with her eye 4 years ago

Blogger hits back at followers who ask what's 'wrong' with her eye

Sonia Leslie is a blogger, Instagram star, and YouTube beauty sensation.

She has amassed over 100,000 followers and subscribers across multiple platforms where she shares her makeup tutorials, beauty tips, and stunning selfies.


She also happens to have a birthmark on her eyeball.

The 22-year-old regularly posts pictures of her many looks on her Instagram with the caption being nothing more than a few emojis and maybe a hashtag or two.


But lately, Sonia's been receiving a lot of comments from followers on her pictures asking her what is "wrong" with her eye.

Wanting to set the record straight, and let everyone know that there is nothing "wrong" with her, Sonia shared this post.


The blogger said that asking her what is "wrong" with her is "rude as f**k."

She told people to stop asking and to "mind ya business." She also added that she doesn't care if some people don't think it's rude to ask because she does think it's rude.

"It's not ur face or ur business I said what I said bye."


The post has since gained over 37,000 likes and 800 comments, with followers saying that they think Sonia's birthmark is "beautiful."

One user said they thought it looked "cool" because it made her eyes stand out. Another said that Sonia's look was "unique and distinct."

Birthmarks on eyeballs are not common, but they are like birthmarks on other parts of the body in that they do not affect the eyeball in any way other than aesthetically.


Sonia's greyish birthmark on the white of her eye makes her iris appear larger than it really is - a feature that many of her followers have said makes the blogger stand out from the crowd.