This blogger's honest response to a fan who called her a 'natural beauty' 4 years ago

This blogger's honest response to a fan who called her a 'natural beauty'

The comments section on a beauty bloggers post can be a fairly mixed bag.

It’s either trolls spewing pure hatred or huge fans sharing their love and admiration for them.


One person who knows that all too well is YouTuber, Gina Shkeda.

However, one comment on the beauty blogger’s latest post resulted in a refreshingly honest statement from Gina that has been praised by many.

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Sharing a selfie with her 818,000 followers, Gina received some comments from devoted fans, including one from 19-year-old Paige.


The teen tweeted Gina’s picture, saying:

“If I could wake up as beautiful as Gia Shkeda, I’d be the happiest girl alive #NaturalBeauty”.

While it would have been easy to like that comment and move on, Gina felt the need to respond, and what she said was really refreshing.

“Girl, I have micro-bladed brows, lash extensions and lip injections. I don’t even look like this.

"You’re flawless.”


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The blogger’s honest post has been met with huge praise from fans who wish other influencers would do the same.

“I wish everyone was as honest about the effort they put into their appearances as you are,” reads one comment. “I don’t know why women feel the need to act like they don’t try.

"It’s OK to put in the effort. Or not, whatever we’re already perfect no matter what.”