Budget Beauty Hack - The Cheap Celebrity Trick For Shiny Hair 6 years ago

Budget Beauty Hack - The Cheap Celebrity Trick For Shiny Hair

We normally associate celebrity beauty tricks with celebrity budgets...

However this little gem of a beauty hack is cheap as chips and apparently just as effective as extortionately priced beauty products.



Celebrity hair colourist Beth Minardi revealed to the folks at BuzzFeed that when your hair is lacking shine, good old-fashioned tonic water could be just the...well...tonic.

She revealed that the carbonated soft drink actually removes any product buildup from the hair as well as shine-stealing residues like sweat or chlorine.



She said that tonic water "refreshes the scalp and quickly ‘fills’ the cuticular layer of the hair, supporting protection.”

Tonic water is also an effective frizz-tamer and is particularly helpful for those living in areas where the water is hard.

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To reap the benefits of tonic water, shampoo and condition your hair as normal and then pour a full can of the water evenly over your head.


Minardi adds that if you are out swimming but don't have time to shampoo and condition, just bring along a can of tonic water and rinse the hair in it to remove toxins after your dip.

Last tip - whip it.

whip it