You can now be paid to get spa treatments for the summer 2 years ago

You can now be paid to get spa treatments for the summer

Dream job, wha?

Everybody likes going to the spa.


It's relaxing, it's nice, it's even better if you get paid for doing it which, you know, you don't usually because a spa treatment is a service and therefore, chances are you're used to splashing a bit of cash for it.

Now, however, it appears that in some cases the opposite is true because there's a UK company that are legit hiring people to sit in infinity pools and get spa treatments in exchange for actual payment.

Honestly, the dream.

The guys over at SpaSeekers are seeking (whahey) somebody to become their "professional spa-ologist" and "professional hot-tubber" for the summer.

The job spec is as follows:

"Spend your summer earning money for getting pampered, testing hot tubs, and laying in luxury spas. Bask in the comfort of the warm summer sun as you indulge in spa treatments, swim in infinity pools, and become a professional hot-tubber between July and August, picking up a cool £500 for your time.

"Learn what it means to be a spa-ologist, visiting top UK venues for free and enjoying all the perks that come with it."


Honestly, we'd move to the UK for the summer to avail of this, to be honest.

You don't even need any mad experience either. Rather, all you need to do is share a decent holiday snap of yourself with SpaSeekers on social media.

According to them, this could be you "...on the beach, in the hot tub, or sipping a drink in the sun.

Applicants must then post their snap on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, tagging @SpaSeekers and using the hashtag #dreamsummerjob


Doesn't get much better than that, does it?