Charlotte Crosby just got a VERY risqué tattoo on her neck 3 years ago

Charlotte Crosby just got a VERY risqué tattoo on her neck

I mean...

Okay so I love tattoos, and rarely find them stupid.


Honestly now, I have a friend (you know who you are) that has "I heart Mondays" tattooed on his leg ironically - and I don't find it remotely dumb.

However, one thing I have zero time for? Getting your boyfriend's or girlfriend's name inked on your body.

Now maybe it's the cynic in me - but you never really know if your relationship will last, but your tattoo sure will.

Well, it looks like Charlotte Crosby and I don't share the same views.


Charlotte has gone through a number of painful laser-removal treatments in recent years to remove ex-boyfriend tattoo tributes.

But she's at it again.

The reality star has been dating her new bae, Joshua Ritchie, for just six months, and just got  his name etched on her neck.



Char shared the artsy snap on her Instagram, and while I do love the font, I just don't know if it was the right call.

And listen, these two seem very much loved-up, and maybe they will go the distance - but maybe they won't.

If you want someone's name tattooed - get your mum's.