Chrissy Teigen's makeup saving hack is seriously genius 4 years ago

Chrissy Teigen's makeup saving hack is seriously genius

Chrissy Teigen never leaves the house without looking totally flawless.

And that’s all thanks to an incredibly talented team of stylists, hair stylists and makeup artists – and her goddess-like genetics might help too.


Well, her makeup artist has been revealing some of her secrets to creating the perfect flawless base and one has us very intrigued.

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The life of the rich and famous means that sometimes there are multiple events to get ready for in one day.


While a change of outfit and hairdo might not take up too much time, removing a full face of makeup and starting from scratch is far too time-consuming never mind bad for their skin.

So, beauty pro Mary Phillips says she uses this hack to keep Chrissy’s makeup looking fresh all day long.

“When my clients are wearing makeup for shows, music videos or long-day photo shoots, they are wearing makeup for a long time,” Phillips told E! News.

“It’s really important to keep the makeup looking just as it was when you put it on for the first time.”

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So what is the magic trick she uses? Well, it doesn’t come cheap.

“One trick I really like to do it take the Crème de la Mer – and this is a great trick if you get home and want to go out and don’t want to shower and what not – and a hydrating mist, using a bit of the crème on a foundation brush and going over the makeup.

“It totally rehydrates the skin.”

With Crème de la Mer costing an eye-watering €140 a tub, we think we’ll give this hack a go with our own budget moisturiser first.