We have discovered the after sun product everyone needs to know about 3 years ago

We have discovered the after sun product everyone needs to know about

Sun-kissed skin, lighter locks, flirty dresses; we love what summer does to us.

So what we want now, is to keep this feeling going for as long as possible, hanging onto our summertime glow until long after those crips autumn days have arrived.


And we think we have discovered a product that will help us to just that.

Aftersun products are important when you have exposed your skin to sunshine and salt water – or even swimming pools, as chlorine can dry out your skin too. These multi-purpose creams will nourish, cool down and repair your skin, and also, importantly, help make your tan last longer.

Our ulitimate favourite? This aftersun oil from Vichy, which you can apply in the shower.


Yup, that's right. Vichy Ideal Soleil can be applied just as you finish washing yourself, and will absorb into your skin quickly, keeping it smooth and soft and glowing with its mix of vegetable oils such as apricot kernel, coriander seed , blackcurrant seed and echium, which are all rich in fatty acids.

Our verdict? A must buy.

As well as this one, we have tested a lot of other aftersun products this summer, and are also seriously impressed by these two:

1. Bioderma Photoderm Apres Soleil Refreshing After Sun Milk


This ultra-lightweight milk is far more refreshing than some of the thicker, heavier creams. We also love how it is slightly scented with a delicate, summery smell and can be used on both face and body – meaning you'll have to pack one less product in your holiday suitcase, of course.


2. Decleor Aroma Sun Expert High Repair After-Sun Balm


This balm is amazing – especially if you have gotten a little too much sun. We tried it and will forever more include it in our holiday suitcase. It takes the heat out of burnt skin and instantly cools any area that appears a little red. We love how it is choc-a-bloc with active ingredients that will work quickly to repair any sun damage and nourish sun-exposed skin.