The most AMAZING Disney makeup collection has just launched, and prices start at €3 3 years ago

The most AMAZING Disney makeup collection has just launched, and prices start at €3


So a few weeks ago, I met with the wonderful humans at essence, and they told me something SO exciting.


However, the news they told me was a secret, so I've kept it to myself.

Despite the fact that I wanted to shout it from the roof tops.

Anyway, today is the day I can finally fill you all in on the most exciting makeup news of 2019 (oh yes, I went there).

essence is launching the most incredible new makeup collection, inspired by Disney princesses.


BRB, crying with happiness.

Inspired by the strong personalities of all the female Disney stars, essence’s Disney Princess collection features eyeshadow, contouring and highlighter palettes and matching brushes.

disney makeup collection

And they're all absolute magic.


Courageous, strong and beautiful both on the inside and outside: these are the qualities of a true Disney Princess.

With their individual style and the attributes of modern, self-determined women, Ariel, Jasmine, Pocahontas, Belle, Tiana and Rapunzel have become heroines of many a childhood (and beyond) – and thus are a perfect match for essence.

So, let's dive on in to all the amazing things in the collection...

"Under the sea..." is not only THE catchy tune of the imaginative Disney classic “Ariel, the Little Mermaid”, but also describes the colours of this enchanting eyeshadow palette: Based on the bright colours of the ocean, the 15 shades can be used to create dreamlike mermaid looks.


Thanks to their high pigmentation and soft powder texture, the colours shine particularly intensively and are easy to apply and blend.

Then we have the Tiana eyeshadow palette.

No matter whether fairytale princess or self-made woman: dreams can be realised with a self-confident appearance. The eyeshadow palette – inspired by the strong Tiana from Disney's “Kiss the Frog” – offers 15 intense and vibrant colours that are highly pigmented and wonderfully soft.

There's two more eyeshadow palettes, inspired by Belle from Beauty and the Beast, and OBVIOUSLY, Princess Jasmine.


And lads, the palettes are only €11.95 each. WHAT?

Oh but wait, there's more.

As beautiful as the interplay of colours of the wind, the Pocahontas palette contains five contouring shades turn this palette into a true it-piece. The matte powder textures emphasise and accentuate different facial features.

Then there's the Rapunzel highlighter palette, that contains five soft powder highlighters shine with pearly shimmering and metallic finishes and flatter all skin tones. Gorge.

There are also six amazing makeup brushes that match each of these palettes, and they cost just €3.10 each.

So yeah, not only is this collection UNREAL, but it's super affordable.

essence’ Disney Princess collection is available in pharmacies and Penneys stores nationwide from 2nd October 2019, and I will be buying it all.