Drip dye is a new hair trend and we're not fully convinced 3 years ago

Drip dye is a new hair trend and we're not fully convinced

Would you be up for this?

I think we can all agree, there is a certain level of trust placed on hairdressers when they are dealing with our locks. They are experts in their field and know the best and most precise ways to colour and cut our hair.


It still doesn't stop us from being just a little bit nervous, though.

When it comes to colouring, we tend to be a bit more cautious. Will the colour suit me? Will it ruin my hair? Will the roots grow out in a natural way? Just some of the thoughts running through our heads.

We expect, and hope, that the hairdresser will do it right and has us smiling as we leave the salon with a fresh hairstyle.

We don't, however, expect the hairdresser to just throw on hair dye and hope for the best. But, it turns out there is a new hair trend, drip dye, that does just that.

Hairdresser Taylor Rae is behind the new trend. She has shown how to do it on her Instagram account and it's fairly risky, if you ask us. The technique consists of the hairdressers pouring on the hair colour and letting it drip down the hair.

Here is the process in action:


And the finished result: