Dry and cracked heels? THIS is how you can get permanently baby soft feet 4 years ago

Dry and cracked heels? THIS is how you can get permanently baby soft feet

Every tried fixing the hard, dry skin on your heels by literally cheese-grating away with one of those rough metal files?

I bet so many of us are guilty AF here.


I mean; it does seem like the perfect quick-fix solution, the thing is; not only is using a metal file just that; a very short-lived solution, it is also potentially really, really bad for your feet – and health in general.

I recently came across a nail technician chatting about just this and her main piece of advice? NO ONE should treat their feet like they are a block of parmesan. Meaning, of course, stop with the grating, ladies, for the love of God.

The reason? Because when you try to literally cut and grate away the dry skin and calluses from your feet instead of smoothing and treating them, you are actually working against your body and its function.

How, you ask?


Well, consider this: Our bodies are incredibly smart and do a lot of regulatory stuff that we don't even realize. As in; if our body is producing something and we try to strip it away, our bodies make more. Suffer from oily skin and ever tried to dry it out with harsh soaps and astringents? Bet you lived to regret that one, as your body thinks it didn’t make enough oil the first time and makes even more to compensate.

This is also the case for your feet. When a part of your skin is getting lots of use and could be prone to blisters, it gets harder and often develops a callus to better protect itself. Meaning, of course, that if you try to remove this callus, it will only come back thicker, harder and dryer.

Feet feel soft after going at them with your metal grater file? It will be short lived, mamas.

Another problem with using a metal file as that sometimes, you will keep going until the soft skin underneath your calluses gets nicks and cuts, meaning not only will it hurt, but also but you at risk for infections and other health-related issues.


But, I hear you say, sandal season is around the corner and my feet are a disgrace! What can be done?

It simples, really. Get yourself an emery board – or good, aul' pumice stone – and gently buff the skin on your feet before moisturise the hell out of them. Every night. And then put on socks and let your toes literally soak in all that greasy cream overnight.

Remember, foot creams are meant to be heavy and feel sticky; your feet need all that extra grease. If you are stuck for one to buy, Origins Reinventing the Heel is out-and-out amazing.