This €27 M&S face oil has sold out three times already – and you'll see why 3 months ago

This €27 M&S face oil has sold out three times already – and you'll see why

Are you suffering from dull, dry skin from hours spent inside and in front of a screen?



And then add mask-wearing, stress, not enough sleep and dry, cold winter air into the mix, and you got a recipe for skin disaster.

However, it seems M&S might just have created a hero product to help us all out.

The Absolute Ultimate Sleep Oil, a follow-up product to the company's bestselling product, the Absolute Ultimate Sleep Cream, will help replenish and nourish your dry and dehydrated skin, while also working hard to even out skin tone, reduce fine lines, strengthens the skin barrier and promote more elasticity in the skin.

The result? Skin that feels more plump, nourished and hydrated – in other words, exactly what we are looking for.

The original product, Absolute Ultimate Sleep Cream, has earned rave reviews with shoppers, who called it the 'best night cream,' giving it five-star reviews and admitting to having ditched all other nighttime products for this one.

And on the base of that, M&S set out to create an oil version – a more light-weight alternative to the cream – and boy, did they deliver.


Not only is the formula gorgeous, and sinks in immediately into your skin, it also is fragrance-free, which I love, and doesn't clog up your pores at all. According to M&S, the science behind the ingredients delivers too, with grape seed being rich in antioxidants and antimicrobials, literally healing your skin and making it stronger and more resilient.

I tested the oil, and simply used it morning and evening, applying it to my skin once I had cleansed it. I swear, my skin felt softer immediately, and now, having used it for a fortnight, I think it has made a real difference, and my skin looks less dehydrated and dewier, and feels less irritated too.

A win in my book, for sure!