Here's the €6.49 fake tan we've tested that's just as good as St.Tropez 5 years ago

Here's the €6.49 fake tan we've tested that's just as good as St.Tropez

Time to glow up.

It could be in our heads, but we definitely feel better (and healthier and skinnier) with a tan. And just because we don't want to risk our skin by sitting out in actual sunshine, fake tan it is.


Sadly, getting the perfect glow can be expensive. I have been a longstanding fan of the St. Tropez tanning mousse and have always passionately argued that it delivers the perfect natural-looking hue, is relatively fool-proof and doesn't make you look streaky or comes off in flakes – all in all, a great buy as far as fake tan is concerned.

But it also costs a pretty penny. Which is why I started searching for alternatives a while back and came across this article online about this budget-version knock-off of everyone's favourite tan – and guys; it actually works!

I give you Boots' bargain (look on the bottom shelf) tan: The St Moriz Professional Tanning Lotion (medium). At just €6.49 it costs just a fraction of the same-sized bottle of St Tropez, yet delivers results that are just as great – if not better.


I'm not even kidding – and urge you to try it for yourselves.

The formula feels light and is easy to apply. It didn't streak in the slightest and left my skin feeling super-soft, unlike many other tanning products that can make my skin feel pretty dry and irritated afterwards.

Seriously; if you are looking to give your pale arms and legs a little colour right about now, I cannot recommend this one enough!