Everything you need to know about Jennifer Lopez's new beauty line 8 months ago

Everything you need to know about Jennifer Lopez's new beauty line

Can we just take a second to appreciate how amazing Jennifer Lopez is and then we'll move on and talk beauty... and done!

This week, the queen of hip hop went and announced that she was launching her own beauty line. She's one of the most beautiful women in the world so of course when she announces she's launching a new beauty line, we need to know all about it.


Lopez is the latest celeb to put her own mark in the beauty and skincare industry and we could not be happier about this. This is game changing. If J-Lo made bin bags I'd even get in line.


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Sunset glow... #JLoBeauty coming soon

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Let's remember J-Lo is fifty-one and she looks better than she did at thirty. These days women get better with age, especially when they're using the right products, and I for one believe in what J-Lo is selling.

J-Lo announced the news on Instagram with a few selfies and captioned the pic: “Sunset glow, #JLoBeauty coming soon…” leaving all of us beauty fans around the world on the edge of our seats!


This isn't the first we've heard of J-Lo's new project, she has been teasing it for a while.

Earlier this month she posted a selfie teasing her new project: “Woke up this morning feeling extra grateful and excited. Want to know why? Comment below if you wanna know what I’m working on!”

Jennifer isn't that new to the beauty industry either; she has multiple fragrances and her perfume franchise is said to be worth around two billion dollars.

We don't know concrete dates yet as to when the line will be dropping, but her IG caption said "soon"... so let's just say that it'll be "soon."