It looks like faux freckles are here to stay for Summer 2022 1 year ago

It looks like faux freckles are here to stay for Summer 2022

Buying a freckle pen asap.

If you have Instagram, TikTok, or pretty much any other social media platform, we're willing to bet you’ve come across someone posting a selfie flaunting fake freckles at some point.


Natural-looking beauty trends have been on the rise recently, as people are beginning to embrace that barely-there, no make-up look.

And it appears what might have been one of the biggest trends over the past few years is here to stay.

And tbh, we have none other than Lizzo to thank for reminding us all how stunning it looks.

The singer recently shared a gorgeous selfie to Instagram of herself trying out faux freckles and, of course, she absolutely killed it.


Sine the trend took off a few years back, people have been investing in freckle pens and even getting henna tattoos - but the good news is you can recreate the look with what you've already got in your make-up bag.

While it might feel like the right thing to do is reach for a brown eyeliner pencil, experts say this is a big no-no.

The trick to faux freckles is making your spots look as natural as possible, so your best bet is to use an eyebrow brush to sprinkle dots of brown powder randomly on your face.

The best way to place them is where the sun naturally hits, so concentrate on your cheekbones, nose, and forehead. However, don't try to be to strategic with where you place them - as the freckles will look more natural if you don't try to control exactly where they'll be.


Next, using a stippling brush and tap the spots of powder to set the freckles in place. Apply a translucent powder  to make them last longer. And voila!

It's an easy way to achieve a sun-kissed look without risking harmful UV ray damage to your skin or using tons of bronzer - what's not to love?