This is the ONE major foundation mistake that we're all making ladies 5 months ago

This is the ONE major foundation mistake that we're all making ladies

You heard it here first!

Makeup is a hard and complicated thing that many people take for granted.

However, when you get it right, makeup can really transform your look.

And no, I don't mean slapping it on to beat the band, it can just bring you up a level - to your best self.

However, there are makeup mistakes we're all guilty of making, but the biggest on might surprise you.

A few months back on Girls With Goals, myself and the lovely Niamh Maher sat down with beauty guru Mark Rogers.

He knows everything there is to know about beauty, even putting me, a Beauty Editor, to shame.

So naturally, we wanted to pick his brain!

The question we REALLY wanted an answer to was simple: "what is the biggest mistake Irish women make when it comes to beauty?"

The answer was simple, weirdly.

We don't try on foundation before we buy.

Do you ever just stroll into a shop looking for a new foundation, and just opt for the one you like the look of?

You're not alone, but Mark INSISTED that we should be trying foundation.

We all have different skin tones and types, so it makes sense to try.

At the end of the day, your foundation is the most important step you take in applying makeup.

Sure, they don't call it the foundation for nothing.

Mark shared some other MAJOR beauty hacks, but for those, you'll have to listen here lovelies.

You won't regret it!