What is golden hour beauty, and how do we achieve it? 1 year ago

What is golden hour beauty, and how do we achieve it?

Fancy some soft glamour that's not too tricky to nail?

Summer is well and truly here, and while the bright, golden evenings have given us a much-needed serotonin boost, they've also proven to be an inspiration for beauty lovers this season.


On TikTok, golden hour makeup has become a huge beauty trend, and after a precursory scroll through the app, we can understand why. The look leaves the user with a shimmery glow that makes a statement while being super easy to achieve, even for novices, and it can effectively be broken down into four categories - base, highlight, eyeshadow and lips. If you want to achieve the soft glamour of golden hour beauty, here is everything you need to know.


@jourdansloane Obsessed with this glowy bronzy look using all #patmcgrathlabs ♬ оригинальный звук - ✨?euphoria?✨



For your base, you're going to want to achieve nice dewy skin, so ensure that you moisturise and prime your skin properly before applying an even layer of liquid foundation on your skin.


Highlight is a requirement for golden hour beauty, so opt for a shimmery shade and apply it liberally on your cheekbones, as well as just under your brows. Once you're happy with it, smooth it out with a cream bronzer and some blush of your choice.



@iheartsarahyy Simple bronzy eye look with @Dose of Colors golden hour palette ?✨ #makeuptutorial #makeuplook #makeup ♬ Chill Lofi beats on guitar and drums!(1070962) - gnly



The main eyeshadow colours that dominate this trend fall are rust and, unsurprisingly enough, gold. With a soft brush, apply your rusty shade all over your lids and across your crease, before applying a glittery gold shade on the lids, and then blending it out. In terms of eyeliner, you don't want anything too severe, so use a brown pencil to line your lids your own way.


Golden hour lips should look wet and glittery, so line your lips and opt for a golden brown gloss that you know will plump your lips. Seeing as your eyes won't be too bold, feel free to go all out here.