We got our hands on the €50 teeth-whitening kit shared by SoSueMe 11 months ago

We got our hands on the €50 teeth-whitening kit shared by SoSueMe

If you like the likes of red wine, tea, or coffee - you'll probably notice your teeth being a bit duller over time.

And while some folk are blessed with pearly whites, others just naturally have a less mega-watt smile (such is the genetic lottery).

So here at Her, we're always on the lookout for easy-peasy teeth-whitening kits and that don't cost the earth.

Recently, we spotted none other than Suzanne Jackson feature Beam - an at-home treatment - on her Insta Stories.

Her husband, Dylan (they got married in August in Powerscourt), was even seen using the product (and he does have pretty incredible gnashers), so we thought it was only right and proper that we check out the kit for ourselves.

Princed at €50, it seems it's widely available in Ireland with a load of different pharmacies stocking it.


We liked that it's peroxide-free, vegan-friendly, and is still all good for those who might have sensitive teeth.

In the pack you get four syringes of whitening gel, a mouth tray and an LED light which activates the whitening formula. It all comes in a nice box and you can be set up and ready to go in about five minutes.

There is enough product for two weeks of daily treatments - though you can also use it more sporadically. Most people (ourselves included) can spot a noticeable difference in about a week.

It's likely that if you want to maintain that shiny white look, you'll need to reinvest every-so-often with a new pack to top-up your smile - but with Christmas party season in the offing, we reckon that Beam is a really great bet.