Hair guru says this colour is 'out' of fashion but we're not so sure 1 year ago

Hair guru says this colour is 'out' of fashion but we're not so sure

It was a massive fad for a while but according to one hair guru, ombré has well and truly had its day.

Although dark roots and lighter ends were extremely popular for a while, that trend said to be losing popularity.

We're still big fans but that said, we're very interested in what this hair professional has to say.

Here's what Frank Friscioni, a New York-based colourist told Byrdie:

"Hardcore ombré is out! We have had enough of that look here in Manhattan, and when I travel the country, I am seeing it wane".

However, if that faded, two-tone, boho look is your thing fear not because balayage is here to stay.

Balayage, aka highlights, applied that allow for a natural, graduated effect, is a trend that will take you right through to summer 2017.

It's not a new trend by any means but there are so many variations you (and your colourist) can rework it to look brand new.

So, instead of bright ends (that can look almost orange), you're looking for a lighter look that transitions throughout the hair. Think less bleach, more sun-kissed.

Multi tone caramel balayage? Swipe left for the before! Hair by @hairbykristyn @blackorchidhair

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That said, if ombré is your thing, stick with it as this is just one stylist's opinion and we happen to think the shade is still pretty damn gorgeous.