The hair product Meghan Markle swears by for that 'extra bounce' 3 years ago

The hair product Meghan Markle swears by for that 'extra bounce'

She can do no wrong.

We'd like to say our obsession with Meghan Markle has reached peak level, but you know as well as we do, it hasn't.


With less than a month to go until the wedding, it's safe to say that Meghan is the centre of attention right now.

And while everyone is rightly obsessing over Meghan's already impeccable wardrobe, we're a little bit distracted by her beauty routine.

Never one to step out of the house looking less than polished, Meghan also has the 'natural glow' look nailed.

And you know as well as we do, usually getting that natural look takes a lot more work than you'd want to let on.

Well, when it comes to her hair, there's one product that helps Meghan maintain her healthy look.

Yes, the new royal has locks to rival that of K Middy herself, and she says there is one product in particular that she swears by.


Meghan's holy grail hair product, Oribe's Dry Texturising Spray, will not be new to any of you who are tuned into the beauty influencers of the world, but it's a must-have for those who crave bounce, volume and texture.

"There is nothing like a hair flip!” Meghan told Birchbox.

“When my hair is feeling a little weighted, Suanne, my hair artist on set, has me bend forward and she sprays a little Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray or nothing at all, and then has me 'flip back hard' to give my hair a little extra bounce.