This handy little beauty hack will honestly CHANGE your life 1 year ago

This handy little beauty hack will honestly CHANGE your life

You're welcome.

If you haven't been listening to our weekly podcast Girls With Goals... you're late.

But have no fear, that means you genuinely have HOURS of content to catch up on.

A few months back, I was lucky enough to sit down with the gorge Niamh Maher (presenter extraordinaire) and Makeup icon, Aimee Connolly.

We talked about everything, from being chronically single (guilty!) to having a love of Johnny Cash (also, guilty).

But naturally, the main topic discussed was beauty - I suppose when you have a MUA and a Beauty Editor on, it's bound to happen.

If you're just discovering Girls With Goals, let's give you a little break down: each week we welcome fascinating women (and men) to come on the show.

Yep, I just called myself fascinating... #shameless.

We talk about life, love, their careers, what inspires them, and sometimes conversations about balls as beauty blenders creep in.

In this particular episode, myself and Aimee chatted about some pretty unreal beauty hacks.

One hack in particular will honestly transform your whole beauty routine.

And instead of telling you here, sweet friends, I'm gonna link you the actual podcast.

Sure, it's more fun to listen anyway (33 minutes in for the hack babies)!