There's a HARRY POTTER beauty Advent calendar coming this year, and OMG 1 year ago

There's a HARRY POTTER beauty Advent calendar coming this year, and OMG


Well lads, it's almost September, meaning summer is officially over.


And sure, doesn't that mean that the count down to Christmas is on?

We know, there are months to go, but it seems as though the festive treats have started to make an appearance.

For instance, fancy Advent calendars have been popping up all week, and frankly, we're delighted.

We've seen glimpses of the incredibly impressive Advent calendar offering from Jo Malone London.

Which we only WISH we could afford!

There's also been Advent calendars from Elemis, Yankee Candle and No7 - and they're all glorious.

This evening, however, I may have discovered the best one yet.


Say hello to the HARRY POTTER beauty Advent calendar, that will be hitting the shelves at Boots this year.

We're so excited!

harry potter beauty advent calendar

As you may remember, last year Boots brought out an incredible Harry Potter makeup collection.

The collection included everything from makeup bags to sleep masks and makeup brushes.


And it looks like it was so successful, they've moved into the world of calendars, and we're very grateful.

The calendar will include Hogwarts house-themed makeup, bath bombs, nail polish, hand cream and  a wand-shaped makeup brush.

Doesn't that just sound unreal?

The calendar is priced at £35 (so roughly €40) and will be available online from October 1 and in-store from November 4.


You know the suss though, this will sell out ASAP, so if you want one, act fast.