Harry Potter fans will love the the magical new hair trend of 2018 3 years ago

Harry Potter fans will love the the magical new hair trend of 2018

Yes please.

So far this year, we've had plenty of new beauty trends crop up - especially when it comes to hair.


We've seen the dazzling glitterage, the glamorous Hollywood Opal and the questionable drip dry, among many others.

But there's a new one that's popped up on social media, and it's really cast a spell over us.

The latest hair trend is Butterbeer hair - yes, as in the butterscotch-flavoured beverage from Harry Potter.


The look blends a mix of red, yellow and orange tones for a unique shade reminiscent of the popular drink in the world of witchcraft and wizardry.

And there's a few version of the toasty trend popping up on social media, so there's plenty of inspiration depending on how bright you want your look.

Missouri-based colourist Chris Mears told Bustle that he was inspired to create the tasteful, multi-toned Harry Potter-inspired look because he wanted to do switch things up from the current hair trends.


He shared a photo of one of his clients sporting her new 'do on Instagram, which he later entered into a competition.

The self-professed Harry Potter fan told the publication:

"My inspiration was embracing warmth.

"I felt like everyone has been so obsessed with cool tones, and ash and silver, that I wanted to do something completely different and opposite."

Well, we'd definitely say this is a mission accomplished.