Her Beauty Favourites - Nailing That Perfect Shade 6 years ago

Her Beauty Favourites - Nailing That Perfect Shade

Put a group of women together and you’re guaranteed plenty of chat.

The Her.ie team have been known to chat about bra sizes, embarrassing crushes and everything in between.


Tried and tested beauty products often come up in conversation, which can be very helpful when you want to find out about a certain item before purchasing.

Nail varnish is a beauty essential and it's a pretty important one in the Her.ie office with many a bottle turning up on our desks.

Hot pinks, scarlet reds, natural nudes, vampy purples and bright colour pops... the scope is endless.

Here are our favourites... (at the moment that is, favourite nail polishes tend to change on a daily basis).


At last count I have about 120 nail polishes, in every colour under the sun. Picking a favourite brand is near impossible. Currently, I’m somewhat obsessed with L’Oreal Top Coats in Gold Leaf and Disco Ball, as they’re adding some much-needed sparkle to my life. However I’m aware that that’s a phase. The brand I’ll always come back to is Essie. Every season without fail you get a collection that’s bang on trend, with vibrant shades, quirky names and quality product. At €9.99 each, it’s a justifiable indulgence every time.




Barry M Nail Paint in Racing Green (€4.59) is my go-to when it comes to varnish. Actually, any of the Barry M Nail Paint collection will do. It only takes two coats and lasts a good few days. For going out, I like to combine it with one of their nail effect polishes, usually a Croc or Sequin one.



If there's one beauty product that I couldn't live without it's nail polish. Sally Hansen's Complete Manicure range does exactly what it says on the tin, giving your nails a beautiful gloss that doesn't need topping up. If you've naturally strong nails like myself this polish will easily last over a week. My favourite colour is Jungle Gem, (€8.95)!




My favourite nail varnish is Sally Hansen Hard as Nails (€6.75). Not too expensive and lasts forever, especially if you are prone to chipping your nails a lot.




NYC Quick Dry nail varnish is fantastic as it's so affordable at €1.80 a bottle, (which means you end up buying more than a few at a time). There's a great range of colours that apply really well. I love the shade Madison Avenue, a pillar box red. I also love Essie, as much for the candy shades as for the adorable names. Imagine having that for a job?! HOURS OF FUN. Ballet Slippers is a favourite shade of mine.


I don't usually wear a lot of nail polish but there is definitely something lovely about looking down and seeing shiny, glam talons. That's why I'm a big fan of this nail polish, Yves Saint Laurent La Laque Couture in 45 Piment D'Ailleurs (€24),which gives a great result with minimum effort. The brush makes application almost foolproof and despite enduring some serious punishment, the rich shade lasted for a few days before it began to chip.


I love Essie, (€9.99), because all their names are absolutely hilarious and so cute. Also, they last for so long.


So, I hold my hand (and stubby nails) up and admit I bite my nails. I wish I didn't, and it's probably one of my worst habits. What I will say though, is that this nail varnish, Sally Hansen Nailgrowth Miracle Serum (€10.95), is a miracle worker. It strengthens the nails, the gloss makes them look somewhat presentable and if you manage to keep them away from your teeth for long enough, you can really see the results of some longer nails a week later. I also love that it's really easy to apply and dries quickly. So, it's kind of perfect really for a nail biter like me.