Here’s why you need to avoid laser hair removal during summer 4 years ago

Here’s why you need to avoid laser hair removal during summer

Can’t bear to have the hair? Well, be careful what way you choose to remove it at this present time.

As temperatures soar, summer is well and truly in full-swing. Summer is also the prime time for us to let our hair down and bask in the sunshine – but after purchasing that beautiful new swimsuit, you may need to be more mindful of your skin – even more so than usual.


Not only does the sun have damaging effects on our skin when we don’t apply adequate suncream, but it turns out undergoing laser hair removal during the summer months could wreak havoc with our skin's pigmentation. It won’t happen to everyone who has had the treatment but there is always a risk of pigment changes whether that be a darkening or lightening of the skin.

According to USA Today, Matthew Schulman, an NYC board certified plastic surgeon says,

“Summer is not when you should get laser, because when the skin is exposed to the sun, it’s much more likely to have pigmentation problems."


It’s not all terrible news. If discolouration does occur you could get more laser surgery to correct the pigmentation gone wrong...although that’s clearly not ideal when you factor in wasted time and unnecessary spending. Over time the skin may also correct itself but just in case, we should probably stick to shaving and waxing if we’re looking for that silky soft feel during these next few months.