The internet is losing it over this woman's DIY Fenty Beauty Body Lava dupe 5 years ago

The internet is losing it over this woman's DIY Fenty Beauty Body Lava dupe

This is genius.

Ever since it made its social media debut, we were eagerly awaiting the arrival of Fenty Beauty's Beach, Please! collection - and especially the Body Lavas.


The highlighter was first shared on Instagram last month, when Rih dropped the video of her showing the newest product in action.

The collection soon sold out in North America, so one Twitter user decided to take matters into her own hands.

The woman, named @leaahluv, posted her own DIY version of an affordable alternative on the social networking site - and it's made up of two ingredients.

She captioned the video:


"Beauty on a budget ✨ we flourishing all summer sis."

Aleah used baby oil for her video, but some other social media users have since suggested almond oil as another option.

She then mixed in some of her highlighter (according to Allure, she used the Jackie Aina x Artist Couture La Peach) for some shimmering and truly spectacular results.

The highlighter doesn't appear to be available over here, so you've probably be paying massive amounts on the postage and such.


But, if you're going to give it a try, we'd imagine there are other shades of peachy highlighters that would work just as well.

Aleah told the publication:

"As a college student, I'm not always able to afford the things I want.

"So in the spur of the moment, I made this very simple concoction for all ladies and men who are on a budget, like myself to shine!"

The dupe appears to have illuminated the lives of many other social media users.


The resourceful tweet quickly went viral, getting more than 56,000 retweets and 201,000 likes.