Is this what's really causing your acne breakout? 6 years ago

Is this what's really causing your acne breakout?

Acne is unfortunately one of those life problems you really wish you could leave behind with puberty.

While some of your blemish blunders may be the result of too many burgers or an unfortunate week in the month, if you notice some forehead bumps or temple spots it could be down to wearing glasses.


Experts have now warned that women who find acne spreading across their temples and forehead could be spreading sweat or bacteria by wearing glasses on a regular basis.

(No, we’re not suggesting you throw those spectacles out the window just yet.)

According to leading dermatologists, it’s pretty easy to guarantee perfect vision and silky skin – all you need to do is start washing those arms (the glasses, not your limbs) once a day.


Whether you choose to use an antibacterial sanitiser, or warm water with soap and a paper towel, the arms of your glasses can gather enough dirt and bacteria to aggravate your skin pores.

Not wearing prescription glasses but suffering the same problems?

Women who wear sunglasses in their hair before pulling them down onto their face were also found to be transferring the oil in their hair to their skin around the temples and eye zone.


So ladies, if you’re sporting any kind of eyewear, make sure to keep the arms and frames clean and leave those specs out of your locks…