Jennifer Aniston Fans Go Into Wedding Dress Meltdown 4 years ago

Jennifer Aniston Fans Go Into Wedding Dress Meltdown

Ever since our favorite friend Jennifer Aniston wed Justin Theroux last week, we have been waiting on edge for a snap of the gúna. 

While we have been fed tidbits of information from some very famous guests, the couple have remained tight-lipped about the day and no photos have been released.

Jen dress

The photo was posted to a Jennifer Aniston Facebook fan page (image via Facebook.)

So, understandably enough, fans went into meltdown this week when a Jen fanpage seemingly released some behind-the-scenes snaps of the elusive gown.

An image depicting a Jennifer lookalike gazing into a gilded mirror in a scalloped ivory lace fishtail gown sent fans into a frenzy.

The photo was captioned, "You have my whole heart for my whole life. #WeddingDress", sending Twittersphere into mayhem trying to decipher if the photo was authentic or not.

While many (including some well-known publications) shared and complimented the picture, those in the know quickly pointed out that the model was not in fact Jennifer at all.

So, the wait continues.