Jessica Alba shares 'next level' make-up hack – and the result is unreal 3 weeks ago

Jessica Alba shares 'next level' make-up hack – and the result is unreal

The glow!

Luminous, healthy looking skin is the Holy Grail for most of us, and there is no shortage of beauty products out there to help us achieve this.


However, knowing what to use, how to use it and in what order to get that movie star glow, well, it's not always so straightforward – and most often pretty darn time consuming too.

Which is why, when we came across this genius beauty hack Jessica Alba recently shared on her Instagram, we were intrigued.

I mean; it looks kind of bonkers – but then, when you see the results – WOW.

Take a look:



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Et innlegg delt av Jessica Alba (@jessicaalba)

Using products from her own company, Honest Beauty, Jessica shows how she starts by putting all the cream products on her face at once – and then, one by one, blends them in.

She captioned the post:


"Okay, hear me out … I know I look cray, but I think @chloemorello just unlocked a next level makeup hack! Not only is it quick n easy, but the final natural & dewy look is a vibe! Try it out if you haven’t already"

The idea is, according to the voiceover on Alba's video, that you go from light to dark when blending, meaning you start with the highlighter/concealer, then do foundation, blush and last, the contouring product.

Have you tried adding your products like this before?