Karen Constantine from lovelygirlybits talks turning a hobby into a career 5 months ago

Karen Constantine from lovelygirlybits talks turning a hobby into a career

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"I'm not here to tell you 'Go quit your job, it's brilliant', because it is hard work."


Working for yourself and pursuing a hobby as a career definitely has its appeal.

Being your own boss, setting your own hours and doing what you love everyday sounds like a pretty ideal career move, but it's not all as smooth sailing as it seems.

Karen Constantine, perhaps better known as @lovelygirlybits, chatted to Her on Blended Beauty about the memorable moments that turned her blogging hobby into a full-time career.

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While Karen says she wouldn't want to do anything else, she admits that working for yourself and being a freelancer has its challenges.


"You know that phrase, 'if you work at something you love, you'll never have to work a day in your life'? That's a lie, people! That is a lie. You'll work every single day. You'll have boundary issues, you will not be able to switch off! But it's deadly.

"I have a tendency to overthink situations so it took me, I'd say about six months, after deciding that I wanted to leave my job to actually leave my job.

"I started working freelance in a digital agency, The Digital Loft, with one of my PR pals that I've known for years, and three year later, I'm still there.


"I think it's mad, the fact that my journey from starting the blog to here, it just hasn't been linear, it has had all these little avenues to get me to here. It's mad!

"I will never ever take it for granted, the fact that I'm doing what I love. Now, there are days that I'm like 'Why did you do this?', but they are very few and far between."

You can watch the full Blended Beauty episode with Karen over on Her's IGTV. 


Brought to you by Galaxy Moments Biscuits