Did you know your eyes need more care and attention than your skin does? Here's how to look after them 1 year ago

Did you know your eyes need more care and attention than your skin does? Here's how to look after them

Brought to you by TheaPamex

Who here goes to bed without any form of skincare routine?


Very few of us, we'd bet. Even if it's just a rinse with warm and cold water, the vast majority of us do have some form of daily skincare routine that we adhere to. And, tbh, for a lot of us it's a pretty thorough routine.

Now how many of you have a daily eye-care routine? We're not talking about just taking out your contacts before bed, we mean a proper eye-care routine where you look after your eyes and the skin around your eyes. Because if you're not already doing that, then you should be.

The area around your eye is more more sensitive and delicate that the rest of the skin on your face - it's thinner and it's constantly moving whenever you blink or move your eyes around. This can cause stress on the skin around your eye and lead to dry skin and cracks, which bacteria can breed in. Ew.

So it's really important to make sure we're keeping that area clean and your usual make-up cleanser or wipes aren't going to cut it. Even some make-up wipes specifically designed for eyes can cause irritation and dryness.

Properly looking after the delicate skin around your eyes will also help people who suffer from dry eyes. In fact, 80 percent of people who experience issues with dry eyes will benefit from eyelid cleansing.

TheaPamex, Ireland's number 1 brand for eye health just launched an amazing new website that will tell you pretty much everything you need to know about eyes and eye care. There's an educational hub where visitors can learn about eye care and eye conditions and they can point you in the direction of their best preservative-free eye products to suit your needs.


You can check out their amazing new website and educate yourself on all things eye and eye care at theapharma.ie.

We are also absolutely loving their Blephaclean wipes, which are super simple to use - literally just a gentle wipe on your eyelids once a day - and they're completely preservative and paraben free. They're clinically proven to treat Blepharitis, which is an inflammation of the eyelids caused by oil glands around the eyes becoming clogged. Plus they're great at removing makeup, so that's a huge plus for us.

If you suffer from dry eyes or dry or itchy skin around your eyes, the Blephaclean wipes are ideal for that. Your dryness will be gone in no time.

You'll ask yourself how you did without an eye-care routine in the first place.

Brought to you by TheaPamex