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Lena Dunham has new hair and you actually would not know her
A day for celebrity hair changes.

Lena Dunham has chopped her long locks short, opting for a pixie cut, and we would barely recognise her.

The actress, writer and producer shared a snap of her new style to Instagram and mentioned Locks of Love, a non-profit organisation that makes wigs for children.

The Girls star noted that as her hair fell short of the 10-inch requirement, she was unable to give away her shorn hair but she urged others to help.

The dry sense of humour that has made her so popular with fans worldwide is evident here too as she captioned her new hair with "your mom's therapist friend she leaves your dad for".

Your mom's therapist friend she leaves your dad for

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Earlier today, we featured Michelle Keegan's new hair, much shorter than before, so it seems it's a day for celebrity hair changes and with this heat, we can see how it would be tempting to opt for a shorter style...


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