Lidl launches own fake tan and it'll only set you back €3.99 2 years ago

Lidl launches own fake tan and it'll only set you back €3.99

Holy Mary Mother of God.

It's summer, lads. It's July. Alas, the sun is not shining, the clouds are here, and it won't stop raining.


The days of sunning ourselves and getting our tan on while working from home are long gone, and so it only makes sense that the majority of us will be turning to our trusty bottles of fake tan to get us through the summer months.

Life is better when golden brown, etc.

And although it's likely that every single woman in the country is firm in her favourite fake tan choice, Lidl has just launched a new range of self-tanning products that may just rival a few of the classics.


The supermarket chain has just launched its first line of vegan certified self-tan, Marbella Glow, for the incredibly low price of €3.99.

The bronzing mousse comes in three shades, medium, dark, and extra dark, and is infused with white truffle and champagne extracts combined with Vitamin E, to condition your skin with some lovely antioxidant properties.

Marbella Glow is also made here in Ireland, so it's got Irish skin in mind - and with more and more people becoming increasingly aware of the dangers posed by suntanning, a bit of self-tanning may just be the best shout going forward.

And c'mon like, it's four quid. May as well give it a go, like.


Lidl’s Marbella Glow self-tan will be available in all stores from Thursday, July 9.