Lidl launches new gold-infused skincare range 2 years ago

Lidl launches new gold-infused skincare range

Oh, the glamour.

If there's one thing sure to make a woman feel special, it's gold.


Gold rings, gold jewellery, gold teeth, Golden Globes, gold-infused skincare that's absolutely dirt cheap and will leave you feeling fairly divine.

Lucky for you then that Lidl have only gone and launched a limited edition gold-infused skincare range that is, in fact, dirt cheap and will, probably, leave you feeling fairly divine.

The new line, Cien Gold, is infused with 1% colloidal gold, which is apparently one of the most coveted beauty ingredients going. It includes four new skincare products offering antioxidant and anti-ageing properties whil also being very cheap, indeed. 


All products cost less than €6 with the cheapest coming in at just €4.49, so if you fancy getting your gold on this spring, look no further.

The full list of products included in the newline can be found below:

  • Cien Gold Deep Cleansing Face Mask (€5.99), enriched with plant extracts leaving skin smooth and preventing the appearance of fine lines.
  • Cien Gold Triple Action Moisturiser (€5.99), filled with skin loving multivitamins and UV protection.
  • Cien Gold Neck & Décolleté Cream (€5.99), nourishes and moisturises skin leaving it looking firmer.
  • Cien Gold Intense Moisture Hand Cream (€4.49), made with active ingredients that nourish and protect hands leaving them silky soft.


The new range is, as mentioned above, limited edition so it's fairly likely that once stock is gone, it's gone.

So if you fancied getting your hands on a gold-infused hand cream or a gold-infused face mask or, indeed, a gold-infused décolleté cream, you know what to do. Go to Lidl.

The new range will be available in stores across Ireland from Monday, April 12.