How to 'look hot and stay cool' in this amazing weather 5 years ago

How to 'look hot and stay cool' in this amazing weather

It's hot out there.

Today is the most glorious Monday I've endured in a very long time.


Why? Well, our shiny new episode of #GirlsWithGoals came out this morning, and we have AMAZING weather.

Honestly, I'm on cloud nine.

And while the weather is majestic, it does create some cause for concern.

Mainly, I am very prone to looking like a hot and sweaty mess in this kind of heat.


Thankfully, this week's podcast solved ALL my problems.

Our gorgeous presenter, Niamh Maher, spoke to Louise Dunne - the founder and CEO of Glissed.

And while the ladies, alongside Erica Cody, chatted about everything and anything, the beauty tips caught my attention.

Niamh asked Louise about how we could all remain cool, and stun, in the heat!


"You want to look hot, and stay cool?"

The temperatures are set to soar this week, and we'd all like to avoid looking like we're melting.

amazing weather

According to Louise, the PS... Beauty Vitamin Primer is a lifesaver during hot weather.


"It forms a fantastic protective layer between your skin and your makeup, which will ward of the sweating!"

Louise also dished on a serious beauty hack:

"In amazing weather like this, you should pop your moisturiser in the fridge."

I know, absolute GENIUS.

Keeping your moisturiser cool will keep your skin at a nice temperature, and will also keep those pesky rosy cheeks at bay.


amazing weather

Louise also shared a really valuable makeup tip for this amazing weather:

"Lash on the bronzer, and try to avoid the pink and red blush tones."

We all want to look tanned and glowy this week, and bronzer is the key!

Louise also recommended the MAC Fix Plus Spray, as an all-round hero product for this kind of weather.

For more insight into the world of beauty, have a listen to this week's episode of Girls With Goals.

Stay cool!