Lush is throwing a bath bomb festival next month and we want in 7 months ago

Lush is throwing a bath bomb festival next month and we want in

Our love affair with Lush continues.

Yes, just a bare whiff of their glorious products usually has us parting ways with the majority of our bank balance.

So we can only imagine the damage we’d do at this amazing event.

Lush have announced that they’ll be throwing a bath bomb festival and it has us all kinds of excited.

The one-day event will showcase all of our favourite Lush products in one space, along with musical pop-ups and film installations.


"Enter a kaleidoscope of imagination, invention and innovation. Explore four spheres of creativity spanning music, product, film and technology,” Lush say of the event.

"For one day, venture across the London landscape and leave your comfort zone behind. Immerse yourself in an alternate Lush universe where chaos and calm live side by side, driving inspiration and shattering convention."

Yes, the dreamy event will take place in London on September 5.

However, with tickets costing just £25, we’d be lying if we said we weren’t tempted to book flights and go.

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