Marissa Carter: 'I just needed somebody who was determined to get sh*t done' 1 year ago

Marissa Carter: 'I just needed somebody who was determined to get sh*t done'

You don’t build a tanning empire and expand even further from there without having the very best team by your side.

There’s no better example of this than Marissa Carter and her right-hand woman Claudia. Ladies, if you want to get shit done, you don’t need to be a genius — just make sure you surround yourself with positive, pleasant, determined and hard-working people.

Carter Beauty Cosmetics launched in August and ever since, makeup fanatics have been raving about the colours, the textures, the ease of application and yes – that vibrant Word of Mouth Lipstick (€6.95) available in 20 shades we adore! The 103-product range is a Peta-approved member of Beauty Without Bunnies too. (Hurrah!)

With Marissa continuing to impress us with her every move, we followed her as part of our all-new six-part docu-series. This week we have episode two — Expansion: Beyond the Tanning World — and you can watch it on our Her Facebook, IGTV and YouTube platforms.

It’s pretty extraordinary to see a business flourish and so we want to know what makes an idea turn into a mega business. Marissa says;

"I always thought that eventually I would be doing makeup.

"I knew that Carter Beauty was not going to go into Brown Thomas because that’s not where I see my customers buying their makeup.

"I can’t tell you the other brands that my manufacturer makes for, but I can tell you that the manufacturer we have for carter beauty is making makeup for many, many, MANY international makeup brands that are priced way... I mean, WAY higher.

Although the team behind Carter Beauty Cosmetics is small right now, it goes to show how a little, organised and willing team is all it takes. Speaking about Claudia, Marissa says;

"She said ‘Look, I don’t have any of the experience you’re looking for,’ but I knew that as a right-hand woman she wouldn’t necessarily need that experience, I would be able to provide all of the answers that she needed but I just needed somebody who had a really good eye, was creative and was just really, really, like determined to get shit done."

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