Wow! Here's Marissa Carter and Cocoa Brown's new cosmetics range 2 years ago

Wow! Here's Marissa Carter and Cocoa Brown's new cosmetics range

OK, so much of the country is #obsessed with the Cocoa Brown tan range.

And for a while now, founder Marissa Carter has been hinting at a new range she has in the pipelines.


We assumed more tanning products... but oh-so wrong we were.

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Yup, the Dubliner took to her newly-reignited Instagram account on Wednesday night to make a pretty HUGE announcement.

Speaking to her 112K followers, Marissa began:

"If I ever get around to writing a book today will be a chapter."

"It was amazing! So today was the first day that I showed my new brand to a buyer..." Ms Carter then continued. She went on to explain that the buyer was seriously bowled over by the range - understandably making it something of a milestone day for the CB brand.


"I know a lot of  you may have guessed already what the products are so I may as well just come clean," she revealed next.

"So I'm going to be launching... a make-up range! An entire collection - everything from foundations, to concealers, to mascaras, to eyeliners, blushers, highlighters, bronzers, lipsticks, lip-glosses..."

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WOW that sounds like the kinda collection we're gonna be all over.

No word yet on the price-range, but Marissa's tan is known for being pretty much the best value option there is out there so we're guessing her makeup will be affordable too.

Her make-up range will be launching in three months... let the countdown begin!