Marissa Carter shares "good news" as Carter Beauty wins bronze at green beauty awards 2 years ago

Marissa Carter shares "good news" as Carter Beauty wins bronze at green beauty awards

A massive congrats to the brand.

Marissa Carter has shared the "good news" that her brand, Carter Beauty, has been awarded a prize at the Global Green Beauty awards.


The businesswoman and Cocoa Brown tan founder shared the news to her followers this afternoon, stating that her makeup brand, Carter Beauty, had been awarded bronze for the best cruelty free makeup product.

This comes after Carter announced that she was involved in a legal battle with her business associates regarding the Cocoa Brown brand. She alleged that she had been "bullied" and pushed out of the business.

"Thank god it's Friday, it has been some week," she said today. "I can't say much but it's been a week. I do have a little bit of good news, Carter Beauty has come third in the Global Green beauty awards.


"It's an incredible achievement for an Irish brand to get an award like that, so delighted. We're gonna have a little glass of something bubbly tonight and celebrate that. Regardless of everything else going on, you've got to celebrate the wins."

"Power to you and to anyone who needs it today," she added.

Carter took to Instagram earlier this week to tell fans that the experience regarding Cocoa Brown and her distributors was "the worst" of her life.


Since then, she has received many messages of support from her followers.

"My shame and embarrassment feels a little lighter today," she said, after her emotional statement. "I am trying to mind myself and my family while I battle but I will be on later to say hello and to maybe talk a bit more about what has been happening to me.

"Every single time I feel like I can’t do it or I’m going to give up, I’m going to remind myself of all the messages I’ve received over the years from people telling me that that little pink bottle has inspired them to go after their dream, that’s what’s going to keep me going.

"So thank you. Thank you to everyone who has ever messaged me because I read them, I read them all."


Cocoa Brown was launched in 2012, and within a year it became the best selling tan brand in Ireland. The products are sold in almost 15,000 stores throughout the Europe, North America and Australia.