Meet the cleanser that reduced pore size for 91 percent of women (in just three weeks!!!) 5 months ago

Meet the cleanser that reduced pore size for 91 percent of women (in just three weeks!!!)

Pores looked "dramatically smaller" in just three weeks, thanks to a brand new cleanser.

If like me, you have large pores and oily/combination skin, the above snippet may have piqued your interest because this is one particular skin bugbear that's difficult to banish completely.

However, a new three-step skincare programme has been introduced and it's aimed solely at reducing those pesky pores... yes, please.

Bare Minerals recently launched the Poreless range, consisting of a clay cleanser, an exfoliating toner and an oil-free moisturiser.

100% clean, 100% vegan, the three-step range is infused with prebiotics and superfruits, buzz words sure to appeal to many a beauty nerd.

Bilberry, Noni, Orange and Lemon Extracts contain Glycolic, Lactic, Tartaric and Citric Acids which help to refine pores with initial testers seeing results after a short period.

Poreless Clay Cleanser (€24) is "a creamy clay cleanser that helps clear pores and reduce excess oil for healthy-looking skin".

Poreless Exfoliating Essence (€26) is "helps minimise the appearance of pores and balance oil. Like a micro-peel, this formula also helps refine the look of skin as it swipes away pore- clogging debris and dead skin cells".

Poreless Oil-free, Moisturising Lotion (€40) "provides essential hydration while helping to refine the look of skin’s texture for smaller-looking pores".

The results are pretty impressive, I have to say and now I'm excited to try them for myself... I shall report back.

Based on a consumer study of 32 women aged 18-55, 91% agreed that their pores looked dramatically smaller after three weeks of using the Poreless clay cleanser.

The two-pronged approach of clean beauty combined with radical results sounds like a winning combination, particularly if reducing and refining pore size is your ultimate beauty woe.