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Mermaid lashes... the latest trend you're about to see everywhere
A pop of colour!

We might have a new obsession.

In a world where squiggle brows and nose hair extensions are classed as "beauty trends", it is hard to take any of them actually serious. But we have to admit... the latest trend to fill our newsfeeds is one we actually kinda love and we think you will too.

Introducing mermaid lashes, basically your normal eyelash extension but with a pop of colour. These multi-coloured lashes are giving us serious inspo to vamp up our own. With colourful styles to choose from, these lashes are surprisingly beautiful (and not tacky like we first expected).

So it looks like 2017 continues to be the year of the mermaid as we saw mermaid hair and nails dominate social media in the Summer and now it looks like mermaid lashes are about to do the same thing.


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We love it.

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