Miss Galway talks body image in the modelling industry on the latest episode of Blended Beauty 5 months ago

Miss Galway talks body image in the modelling industry on the latest episode of Blended Beauty

"Being different is beautiful".

Our new series Blended Beauty features well-known faces in Ireland chatting about issues that are important to them while showing us their makeup routine. Wo doesn't love watching people put their makeup on?


This week Miss Galway 2020, Pamela Uba, chats to us about her struggles with body issues as a model in the fashion industry, and how she's found the confidence to be herself and know that difference is beauty:

Check it out below:


Pamela has been modelling for a few years and when she's not modelling she's a medical scientist at University Hospital in Galway.

She tells us "being in the model industry, I've always felt quite conscious of my body and of how I look. I'm quite a sporty build type of model, I wouldn't be what I call really stick skinny, I wouldn't be very tanned, I'm quite curvy."


When she applied for the Miss Galway competition she admits "I was very self conscious that I might not be exactly what they were looking for but I think the whole thing is that anybody could be potentially what they're looking for."

Pamela found the competition to be quite empowering. "You didn't have to be a certain height of a certain shape or a certain size. I got to showcase the fact that being different was beautiful. That it didn't matter what race you were, it didn't matter what size you were. I was perfectly imperfect."

Now more than ever women are celebrating who they are and Pamela agrees, "I feel that women are embracing their bodies and their imperfections more and I think that we should empower that and speak more about this."

"A woman's body changes constantly and we should embrace that change. I would look at myself as being different in the morning as I do in the evening. We shouldn't feel the need to justify why you look a certain way to people. You should feel free to be yourself."

Pamela is a strong woman who has wants other women to feel strong too and empowered and celebrate themselves. "You don't need to heavily filter yourself just to fit in to what people consider normal."