Moving makeup tutorial challenges mental health stigmas 4 years ago

Moving makeup tutorial challenges mental health stigmas

Mental health is still something that carries a tremendous stigma.

One in five people in Ireland will suffer from their mental health, and for those who don’t, there’s assumptions about the conditions.


These assumptions often include the belief that people have control over their conditions and that the solutions are simple.

Vlogger Amy Geliebter is aware of the danger of these assumptions and has made this makeup tutorial to illustrate the effects of comments made to people in vulnerable states.

As she applies the makeup, she compares each process to a different stage in a mental illness.

Beginning with her foundation Amy applies, "a thick coat of chemical imbalances." Next, she covers up blemishes "the shade denial and emotion repression." When she gets to the statement eye, she uses "the shade 'Just Be Happy'," then blends "You Don't Need Medication" into her crease.

As she layers the makeup on her face she builds on the dangerous comments people have made. The end of the video sees Amy pull the look together with highlighter under the brow in the colour "I Was Depressed Once Too And I Got Over It."

The video highlights the harsh ignorance of these statements and urges the viewer to be more cautious of their language around the issue.