There's a new Fenty Beauty product, and it looks AMAZING 4 years ago

There's a new Fenty Beauty product, and it looks AMAZING

Okay, this is major.

Happy Monday morning loved ones.


I know we're probably all sitting at the desk by know, longing for the weekend.

However, life is good folks.

The sun is shining, and Rihanna has announced a shiny new product for Fenty Beauty.

I know, I know - pretty exciting stuff.


Queen Rih Rih gave her Instagram followers a sneak preview of the new product yesterday.

"It’s time to spice things up JULY 6th!"

Vague, but the singer then posted a second video on Instagram, revealing a palette.

The Moroccan Spice palette is made up of 16 gorgeous shades, matte and shimmery.


The Moroccan Spice Palette will drop on July 6th and will be available at Harvey Nichols.

It will retail for $59, so roughly €50.

Honestly now, that's a very decent price for 16 gorgeous eyeshadows.

And while people are crazy excited about the new release, they're wondering where Rihanna's new music is.


The songstress released her album, Anti, two years ago at this stage.

But in fairness, she's had a pretty jam-packed schedule.

From growing her makeup business, to starring in Oceans 8 - Rih Rih has been keeping herself busy.

Anyway, the music will come, but for now, let's get excited about the makeup!