Non-surgical face lifts: What are they, how do they work, and are they right for me? 1 year ago

Non-surgical face lifts: What are they, how do they work, and are they right for me?

Brought to you by The Wicklow Street Clinic 

These days, more and more people are looking for non-invasive ways to achieve a natural, youthful look.


And although the prevalence of the Covid-19 pandemic had stopped every single one of us from thinking about beauty treatments for a while, skin clinics are back open and ready to safely serve their clients again.

Skin rejuvenation has been the talk of the town for years. Regardless of age or gender, people are coinsistently on the hunt for new ways of turning back the clock.

Botox remains the procedure of choice for many men and women, but what about those among us who feel they aren't ready for injectables? Are there any alternatives that can offer striking results, but aren't as invasive?

Short answer: Yes, there are loads, actually. Long answer: Here's all the information you need on them.

Renowned Dublin skin clinic, The Wicklow Street Clinic, has recently opened up its doors again, giving the skin-concerned among us the chance to avail of all of the treatments we were desperately missing during lockdown.

Staff have been trained in all new health and safety measures, appointments are staggered throughout the day, and all treatment rooms are thoroughly sterilised using UV-C LIGHT in between clients to ensure an entirely safe experience for all.

The Wicklow Street Clinic offers a whole load of treatments promising face lift-like results... without the surgery. Here's everything you need to know about those procedures, how they work, and whether they're right for you.



Microneedling, or "skin needling" is a treatment that encourages the body to produce collagen and elastin. Carried out using needles to cause micro injuries to the skin, the self-repairing procedure rejuvenates the skin, leaving it looking younger and brighter.

Before a microneedling treatment, a topical anaesthetic treatment cream is used on the skin. Natural skin cell regeneration is then stimulated by the skin therapist with a microneedling pen, creating micro injuries on the skin's surface. A cooling mask is then applied to the skin and the healing process begins.

Microneedling is suitable for all skin types and has very short downtime, so if you're planning an event a few days post-treatment, you shouldn't have to worry about swelling or redness.


IPL laser facial tightening

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) laser tightening treatment is a non-invasive procedure that increases collagen production in the skin, giving a more lifted, tighter, and smoother complexion.

Therapists at Wicklow Street Clinic use Q-Fractional Technology in their treatments - a form of IPL that is safer, faster, and ensures minimal healing downtime.

The laser bypasses the surface of the skin (the epidermis) to access the derma micro areas of damaged skin. The production of collagen leads to the growth of new and healthy skin, resulting in a natural and long-lasting even complexion.


CACI facials 

Considered to be the most advanced electrical facelift system out there, CACI face lifts provide almost instant results without any of the surgery.

The treatment encourages collagen growth and elastin in the face, while toning and lifting the facial muscles. CACI can also heal scar marks, boost vitality, and encourage cell renewal.


During a CACI treatment, a therapist uses a computer aided cosmetology instrument to lift, tone and re-educate the muscle back to its original position. This instrument uses a combination of ultrasound, LED and micro currents to encourage healthy, hydrated, and plump looking skin.

CACI is recommended for women and men of all ages between 20 and 60, and treatments are customised by a skin therapist depending on what you need.

It's a very effective non-surgical facelift, but you'll need to keep up treatments in the future to continue to see results.

Plasma pen lift

For those among us looking for something a little more permanent, a plasma pen lift (or plasma skin tightening) is a cosmetic treatment that eliminates excess skin on the face.

A therapist will use a plasma pen to create an electrical voltage arch between its tip and the skin. As this arch comes into contact with the skin, it instantly contracts, tightening and lifting the area.

Plasma lift results have been compared to that of cosmetic surgery, however although partial results can be seen immediately, full results can usually expected to be seen in about four weeks.

This kind of treatment is usually recommended for clients hoping to address sagging eyelids and under eye wrinkles, but the plasma pen is also effective for worry lines, laughter lines, stretch marks and scars.

You can find out more about The Wicklow Street Clinic and the variety of treatments they offer here.

Brought to you by The Wicklow Street Clinic