It's not just diet - stress could be the reason your nails won't grow 3 years ago

It's not just diet - stress could be the reason your nails won't grow

God bless the beauticians.

Salons have finally reopened and at long last we can go back to getting our glam done by someone who knows what they're actually up to.


Lockdown may have been a nice break from the gel mani, but does anyone else feel like their finger nails are just as weak now as ever?

We fully expected to emerge from isolation with talons as long and strong as Cardi B's but somehow they're still brittle and prone to breakages.

As it turns out, the mental impact of living through 2020 could have something to do with it.

With our lives turned upside down, our stress levels aren't exactly where we want them to be right now.


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This can cause our nails to become weak as the body focuses on other functions, according to one expert.

"When your body is under stress, it has limited supplies of nutrients, which are sent to vital organs, such as your brain and heart, and [taken] away from 'less important' places, like your hair and nails," dermatologist Gary Goldenberg told Allure.

Stress can even halt nail growth altogether; temporarily stopping the production of new nail at the base.


It shouldn't come as a surprise that stress affects our nails as much as it does the rest of our bodies, but there's no need to lose hope.

Getting the right vitamins and minerals can go a long way in rectifying the situation.

Brittle nails are most common "in patients with poor nutrition," Goldenberg added.

A varied diet with plenty of B vitamins, vitamin D and iron is key. Not getting enough from your grub? Be sure to take a supplement.