Ashley Kehoe: "Unfollow accounts that don't make you feel good about yourself" 4 months ago

Ashley Kehoe: "Unfollow accounts that don't make you feel good about yourself"

"I used to be really hard on myself if I was putting on a few pounds."

Weight is something most of us have struggled with at one point or another. Women in particular have been consistently subject to criticism when it comes to our bodies.


Now though, this has started to change - at least, in a small way. These days, a lot women are speaking up abut the parts of their bodies that once used to be seen as imperfect and are now just, well, normal. 

Ashley Kehoe is one of them. The influencer and lifestyle blogger recent chatted to Her on Blended Beauty about finding her own body confidence - and keeping it.

"I try to always chat about [weight] on my Instagram to let everyone know that weight shouldn't effect who you are and how you feel about yourself," she says.

Anyone's who follows Ashley will know she doesn't lack confidence - something she has learned over the years. "When I was younger weight was always an issue," she says. "Trying to lose it, trying to look better trying to fit in, and just trying to be what instagram was saying.

"I have been a size six to eight, a 12 going into a 14 and I've just felt all the feels along the way. With age and knowledge and wisdom I've learnt to scrap all that.


"A couple of years ago I was on holidays in Portugal with my family and I saw a girl and she would have been a size 10, nice curvy size ten. She looked amazing. I would have been the same size but I still wasn't happy.

"I thought, 'Maybe people look at me that way too.'"


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Ashley has come a long way in her body confidence journey, and she is adamant to not slip back into her old habits - and she's got some tips as to how her follows can do the same.


"Unfollow any accounts that don't make you feel good about yourself," she says. "Whether it's because they're a certain size or their photos are fabulous."

"We shouldn't compare ourselves to what we used to look like either," she says. "Our bodies change and that's normal. We should praise our bodies for what they're able to do."

You can watch the full Blended Beauty episode with Ashley Kehoe on Her's IGTV.