Olaplex issue statement after concerns around product ingredients 5 months ago

Olaplex issue statement after concerns around product ingredients

Olaplex have set the record straight.

Olaplex users were warned to "check their bottles" after it was reported that one of the brand's biggest sellers, Olaplex No.3, contains a fragrance that is banned under EU legislation.


Butylphenyl methylpropional, also referred to as lilial, was classified as "reprotoxic" in 2020. The ingredient has been linked with having potential effects on fertility and the development of a foetus.

After this decision was made, all products containing lilial must be removed from shelves by March 1st 2022 in all EU countries.

It is believed that the fragrance will be switched out in the EU for shoppers before the beginning of March. The ingredient can be still seen listed on several popular beauty retail sites in the UK that are popular among Irish shoppers, such as Beauty Bay, ASOS and Feel Unique.

While this may be concerning for users, some experts are saying that if you have used this in the past, you shouldn't worry has it has been used in other products over the years and the chances of it having any effect are very low.


“There is minimal need for any concern if you’ve been using the existing Olaplex formula, this ingredient has been used in cosmetics and household care products for many years and the chances of the ingredient affecting fertility is extremely low.

"Olaplex are making the change as a precautionary measure, however, if you have any concerns with any products you should stop using them immediately and speak with a health professional," Mehmet Göker, Dermatology Specialist at Vera Clinic said.

"There is also no need to worry that your beloved product will be any different with the new formula as the ingredient in question is only used for fragrance purposes, the product will remain the same, just the smell will be slightly different," they went on.


Speaking to Refinery29, Olaplex shared a statement regarding any concerns saying that they only used lilial as a fragrance, and not an active ingredient.

"We removed the ingredient butylphenyl methylpropional (lilial) from manufacturing already so you'll still be able to purchase the product in the future," they said.

"Olaplex No.3 Hair Perfector is not being banned. Olaplex takes the health of our consumers and regulatory compliance seriously. While lilial was previously used as a fragrance in the Olaplex No.3 Hair Perfector, it was never an active or functional ingredient.

"Out of an abundance of caution, we proactively removed lilial from our No.3 Hair Perfector globally and have not sold products using this ingredient in the UK or EU since January of 2022."


Olaplex No.3 is a product that works to repair and strengthen your hair structure, with an ability to repair damaged and bleached hair.

Lilial has been widely used in household products over the years, particularly in washing detergents.