The one beauty tip to remember when putting makeup on acne 5 years ago

The one beauty tip to remember when putting makeup on acne

Problem skin.

As anyone who has experienced acne will know, it can be an absolute nightmare to manage and that's why this particular beauty tip will come in very handy.


You want to @) conceal b) cure and c) prevent but all of these steps take time.

However, there's one expert tip that can help when it comes to number one on the list and it comes courtesy of the masters of natural, flawless makeup, Bobbi Brown.

The first step is to apply your base in a shade as close to your natural skin as you can find, too light or dark will only emphasise the blemishes.

The Bobbi Brown face pencil (€29) is all about retouching but with a natural finish and it helps to neutralise the redness that's often associated with acne. It doesn't cake either, which is often a problem when using makeup to conceal acne.


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However, if you don't have a face pencil to hand, stick with your usual concealer.

Second is to dust a 'sheer skin tone correct powder' over your chosen foundation.

Then you'll need to apply another layer of your base product, face pencils/concealer and then foundation.


The final step is a powder which will set all your hard work and keep the base in place.

Aside from all the above, there's one beauty tip to keep in mind and that's to NEVER use shades lighter than your skin tone when concealing. This will only 'draw attention to the blemish', the exact opposite of what you're trying to achieve.