People think Penneys' new €3 blush is a dupe for Glossier's Cloud Paint 2 years ago

People think Penneys' new €3 blush is a dupe for Glossier's Cloud Paint

Fans are raving about it.

Glossier have become a firm favourite among makeup fans over the last little while for their “skin first, makeup second” philosophy.

Especially when it comes to things like the Boy Brow pomade and Cloud Paint blusher.

Their fuss-free approach to beauty (and their millennial pink packaging ) has led to a huge cult following across the globe.

But with the brand not currently available in Ireland, it's easy to see why some fans have been getting excited over a €3 dupe for Cloud Paint.

The latest range from Penneys was inspired by K-POP, a music genre that originates in South Korea - and its performers' flawless makeup looks.

The cloud cream blushes were first debuted alongside the rest of the collection on social media this week, and people couldn't help but compare it to Glossier's Cloud Paint.

But while the cult-favourite makeup brand's blusher retails for £15 on their UK site, converting into roughly €17, the Penneys alternative is almost 6 times cheaper at €3.

Talk about a bargain.

And with cream blushers becoming the makeup bag must-have for the season, fans took to the comments of the Instagram posts to gush about Penneys' version.

One person wrote:

"I'm wearing one today and it stays put all day. Just dab it on with a pad and gently pat down with my fingers - I'm going to buy another."

Someone else gushed:

"I’m wearing one today, they’re fab!"

A different person added:

"Honestly, I think the cloud Cream from Primark is better than the glossier one!"