People are using cola on their skin to enhance their tan 5 years ago

People are using cola on their skin to enhance their tan

There's no such thing as a healthy glow.

That's what we're constantly told - too much sun exposure can cause everything from wrinkles to skin cancer, but that doesn't stop many people from getting out in it as soon as it hits in the hope of getting a tan.


And while older generations might have turned to oil to go mahog in the sun, now sun-worshippers are apparently turning to cola to try and boost their tan.

The technique involves applying cola to your skin and laying out under the rays, like a basted ham cooking in an oven.

It's found favour with tan lovers because of the caramel dye in cola which gives skin a bronzed look, according to Allure.


But dermatologists are warning that the technique is highly dangerous for skin.

"I recommend staying away from it," said Joshua Zeichner, director of cosmetic and clinical research in dermatology at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City.

"Applying it to the skin may lead to a temporary darkening or staining of the skin, but because sodas are acidic, it may exfoliate dead cells, enhancing the ability of UV light penetrate into the skin. Ultimately, this may increase your risk of a sun burn."

Sounds sticky and painful - best to stick to the fake stuff.